Competitor Analysis

We will look at your market as a whole and pin point your competitors as well as finding out who you see as a "competitor" to see exactly what they have to offer on their website and also to see how well they are positioned in the search engines.

The reason for us doing this is if for example you own a roofing firm and in the same area you have a direct competitor who has a website and is appearing on the first page on the search engines for key-wording - Our job is to get you up there too.

We will look at the content of your "competitors" site and we can advise on any amendments that you need to be making in order to win the business - the reason why a "competitors" site is appearing at the top of search engines is not a reflection of their company or service - its how well their website has been search engineered.

We will improve the work in your website to match and better your "competitors" results within the search engines.